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Saturday, June 12, 2010


I have wanted you
like cool water
and you have been
that draught for me

You are a shiny thing
hidden in the bottom of the glass
that hypnotizes me
and makes me forget
where I am going

For a moment
I can imagine having you
I can indulge myself in the fantasy
before what is interrupts what might be

I have told myself again and again
to open up my fingers
even if the glass breaks
and yet, I keep drinking
because you are the elixir and the jewel
so satisfying, so beautiful

RCGA 2010

1 comment:

JanetBoydArt said...

Hi Caroline, I hope that you do not mind if I use this beautiful amazing poem in my blog. When are you coming to see me? Come on, I know that you need to get away for a while. You will like it here. How about in January, stay for a few days.