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Wednesday, July 14, 2010


The long day stumbles,
falling into sultry night

and I am so tired

I breathe,

remembering what's been forgotten,
to the hypnotism of life...

Spirit rises.

silent shadowed space

soft shelter of soul,


I breathe,

abandoned to the swell,
the slow rushing wonder
of air and ether joining,

swaying lungs
like a ship's sails filling,

rippling taut,


Somewhere near
the sweating cicadas rouse
and talk to the moon,

counterpointing the cycle

with rattling timbals.

RCGA, 2010


I dreamed about you last night
tantric twined
above and around you

and all the while I knew
it was a dream

and all the while I wondered
if you were dreaming too

If you dreamed me
above and around you
rising and falling

if you knew it was a dream
and that I was dreaming too

RCGA, 2010