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Saturday, January 5, 2008

From The Daily Word

Child Within

I am cheerful about today and excited about tomorrow!

When Jesus taught those around Him about spiritual transformation, He encouraged them to become like children, to be open and receptive to Spirit.
I, too, have the childlike capacity to perceive people and events with an open mind and to find fresh new ways to express myself. I realize that I may not have the valid answers to all life''s questions or even a broad enough perspective to take in all possibilities. Approaching God with all the faith that a child would have in a loving, trusted teacher or parent, I am willing to learn, grow, and mature.
Renewed with an awareness of God as my creator and guide, I can be playful or serious, cheerful about today and excited about tomorrow.

"Whoever becomes humble like this child is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven."— ~Matthew 18:4

As I start the new year with a desire to create,
let me remember to stay in beginner's mind
and foster a sense of wonder and joy. 
Let me be open, clean and genuine. 
Let my heart guide my hands
towards things filled with possibilities,
with dreams, visions and magic.
Let me embrace and lift up my inner child,
true essence of my being.
~RCA, 2008


Anonymous said...

Greetings! Pleased to see you here. I've posted a link to your journal. I don't know about this open id, but, it's time to find out!

MizzCrow said...

Thank you for commenting! I am pleased to see you here, as well. Maybe we can make some suggestions regarding how to make this place more "interface friendly" for bloggers.